Day: May 17, 2020

30 Kid-Friendly Lunches You Can Make with What’s in Your Pantry

Between minimal grocery trips, homeschooling and trying to find entertainment that isn’t Frozen 2 for the ten millionth time, the last thing you need to worry about is lunch. And since your kid can’t live on buttered noodles alone, you’re going to need some ideas. No worries, friend. Here are 30 kid-friendly lunches you can make with ingredients already in your pantry.

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There’s a reason you stocked up on all that quinoa: It makes a mean (and healthy) breading for these bites. Luckily, they only take 30 minutes to whip up, and most of that time is in the oven.

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It’s just as delicious as the kind from a blue box, and even easier to make.

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If you’re dealing with picky eaters, you can customize the mix-ins with whatever veggie they like. (The raisins are

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