Benefits of a Wireless Restaurant Ordering System

With modern technological advancements influencing all aspects of our lives, the new age mantra of going wireless has caught on with restaurant ordering system. Let’s take a look at the potential advantages of the same.

Streamlined Processes

Since the system works through handheld devices connected to a main POS server, potential errors and omissions in the manual order taking process of the traditional point of sale restaurant are eliminated.

• Wait staff are prompted with a follow up screen to select the modifier options for a particular dish for the customer.

• Data is directly processed to the POS system; omiting all errors during transfer of data.

• No queue up for inputting the manual orders at the POS terminals, saving time and reducing staff requirements.

• The wait staff avoids taking orders of unavailable foodstuffs, as the system prompts the status of stocks while ordering.

• The orders into the kitchen are more evenly spaced out, which avoids overstuffing the kitchen with too many orders at one time.

Increases revenue and reduces input costs for the setup

In a wireless POS restaurant, the staffing approach of the restaurant is more cost effective and efficient. The opportunity to schedule less skilled staff who can serve more tables through up selling and increase revenue through quicker table turns.

• In this system, all the menu options and modifiers are saved on handheld devices which can be easily updated at any time. This leads to reduction in training cost and the reliance on memory, during order taking process.

• The satisfaction levels of restaurant staff increases as they serve more tables, which in turn raises their tips. A stable workforce for the restaurant will reduce acquisition and training costs of new staff.

• It’s also a way to practice the ‘Go Green’ initiative in the restaurant by avoiding the use of pen, pencil and paper.

• It is more energy efficient and cost effective as the number of fixed POS restaurant systems is reduced.

Customer satisfaction

The above listed benefits lead to a higher level of operational efficiency within the restaurant. Now let’s look at things from the perspective of your customer.

• Easy search of all the dishes at the touch of a button makes the customer feel delighted. The visual treat ends up with customers not only choosing their preferred dishes, but also leads them to experiment with a number of options from the menu list. In a nutshell, POS restaurant system ease up the ordering system both for the customers and the table staff.

• The customers get an instant response to their query about ingredients, and nutritional information of the dishes. You are in a better position to gauge the regular customers preferred choices of food and seating.

• The customer either can view the cheque on the handheld device or can be emailed directly from the handheld for their records.

The benefits of wireless order taking system are extensive and many restaurateurs have already implemented this technology, realizing its potential to generate more revenue than older installed systems. So gear up for the change, there are huge benefits in adopting the latest technology!

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