Chinese Style Rice Cooker Beef

In this article I shall describe a Chinese beef recipe that I cooked a couple of weeks ago. The seasoned strips of beef provide a tasty source of protein. While the rice and vegetables complete the meal to make it healthy and balanced. It cost under £5 to feed 3 hungry workers. And one of them ate enough for two.

I shall not list quantities in the ingredients list as I just take a guess and chuck things into the pot. Just use a sensible estimate and experiment until you have the balance of flavours that you require.


For beef:

rump steak



sesame oil

light soya sauce

ground black pepper

Chinese 5 spice

For the rest:



bean sprouts


bell pepper

Bouillon vegetable stock

chopped coriander


Beef Marinade

Slice the beef into thin strips about 1 inch with.

Chop the ginger and garlic finely, and mix with the garlic, sesame oil, light soya sauce and ground black pepper to form a delicious marinade.

Mix the sliced beef with the marinade and set aside in a fridge for a few hours. If I’m planning on serving lunch at 12pm, I’ll normally prepare the beef at 9am.


Rinse the rice in the rice cooker a few times, and fill with water until there’s about a finger nail’s breadth of water above the top of the rice.

Add about half a teaspoon of vegetable stock to the rice,

Chop the mushrooms and bell pepper. I normally chop them into lumps between 0.5cm and 1.0cm in diameter.

Add all the chopped mushrooms, bell pepper and unchopped bean sprouts to the rice.

Add the marinaded beef to the rice.

Mix everything up.

Turn on the rice cooker start cooking.

When the food is cooked (this normally takes about 30 minutes), turn off the rice cooker, add the chopped coriander, and give it all another good mix.


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