Dr Rohini Patil reveals the health benefits of cooking in brass, copper and silver vessels

Everyone needs a daily dose of iron, nutrients and minerals in the food they eat. Our present lifestyle is convenient and easy, but the majority of them are consumed medically or artificially. It is important to know the vessels in which you cook your food. Cooking in plastic containers in microwaves can be convenient but it can deteriorate your health. Using traditional vessels like copper, silver, clay, brass, bronze or more seems old school but they are a healthy approach and add nutrients to your meal.

There are ways which can provide their body with what it needs in a natural manner. The cooking style we follow has an impact on our health. Cooking in the right kind of vessel can actually add nutrients to food and make it healthier. The style of cooking and choice of utensils impacts the nutrition value of food.

Here are the health benefits of each cooking vessel as explained by dietician and nutritionist, Dr Rohini Patil.

Copper vessels

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Copper is really beneficial for digestive health as it relieves gas, acidity and constipation. It helps to detox the body and prevents the formation of toxic materials. Copper helps in better absorption of nutrients from your diet or what you eat. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Copper can also be used to achieve healthy skin. The antioxidants properties of copper help to prevent seizure and reduce the risk of strokes.

Silver vessels

Using silver vessels looks not only royal and elegant, but it also has many health benefits. Silver acts as an anti-bacterial metal. It strengthens immunity and builds strong metabolism. Silver vessels help to reduce acidity and increase brain functioning. It also helps to fight seasonal ailments. Cooking food in silver utensils keeps the food fresh for a longer time. Silver has a cooling nature that helps in smooth digestion. It is recommended to feed kids in silver utensils.

Brass vessels

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Brass produces melanin for healthy hair and skin. Drinking water from brass vessels helps to boost immunity. It prevents abdominal infections and can also help in curing respiratory disease like cough and asthma. As zinc is present in brass utensils it helps in purifying the blood. Natural oil is released when food is cooked in brass utensils, adding a distinct flavour and taste to the food. Brass preserves the consistency of herbs and pickles.

Bronze vessels

Bronze has natural curing properties. It helps strengthen the nervous system. Bronze can help to reduce obesity. Bronze helps in boosting immunity and helps in improving haemoglobin level and regulating blood pressure. It also helps in improving eyesight.

Clay Vessels

Cooking in clay utensils adds many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulphur to the food which are extremely beneficial for our body. Clay pots retain the nutritive value of food. Cooking in clay pots can boost your cardiovascular health. Clay helps in restoring ph balance of your food and neutralizes the acidity. It is also recommended to drink water from a clay pot as it adds nutrients to water and also provides multiple health benefits.

About the Author: Dietician and nutritionist, Dr Rohini Patil, founder and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle.

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