Food For Erectile Dysfunction – Does Diet Have An Effect?

Many men these days really want to become healthier and that is why many are now resorting to natural erectile dysfunction remedies. This is because of the side effects that often occur after taking Viagra and other erection drugs. Many men are now switching over to natural health as there are specific proven remedies to cure erection issues. A handful of changes in the diet can increase libido and gain the stronger erections that men desire.

How Does Diet Have An Affect On Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men are asking if there are better solutions besides using pharmaceutical drugs? If you find yourself dissatisfied by the current erectile dysfunction prescription drugs, then there is no need to start thinking that the curse of this embarrassing issue will cripple a happy love life and relationship.

There is now proven evidence from recent research that men from all round the world are looking for natural options and statistics are showing that more and more men everyday are getting rid of the need for pills. Incorporating a Mediterranean diet has been linked with a significant improvement of erectile dysfunction. The Mediterranean diet consists of many plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses and nuts. Where possible, using olive oil is advised in place of butter or lard. Eat fish at least twice a week and reduce red meat to once a week eating poultry instead.

This embarrassing issue happens to many men, both old and young and essentially means that not enough blood flow gets to the penis. However, erectile dysfunction is relatively uncommon among men who eat a traditional Mediterranean diet. This low-fat, high-fibre diet improves blood flow to all parts of the body. This will help to keep the arteries to the genitals open which is essential for really hard lasting erections. A healthy diet can improve blood flow in the coronary arteries and can also help blood flow to and within the manhood. It is this blood flow that is essential for the penis to become erect. Adopting a healthier diet is great news for your health and great news for your sex life!

Use Spices To Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Certain food items that you can simply add to your grocery list can offer you an easy solution and a good option to try before turning to prescriptions. Herb’s and spices instead of salt can be used to flavour foods. Using certain spices in your diet can help warm up the blood and trigger blood circulation around the body. Some examples of natural erection foods are:


These natural remedies can restore potency in ones sex life. Think about it, you can improve your health and possibly at the same time save heaps of money on medication drugs.

Foods You Must Not Eat

A word of caution is to dump the junk! Fried, and processed foods can result in decreased blood circulation around the body. A diet that is not advisable for a man’s heart is also not good for his ability to achieve hard erections. A fatty diet can lead to high cholesterol which can damage blood vessels which can in turn lead to erectile dysfunction issues.

Exercise will also help

Strong evidence links lack of exercise to erection issues. Improving diet as well as implementing general exercise may be enough to combat the problem.

Finally Reduce Stress

Stress can restrict blood vessels throughout the body and this can be bad news for the manhood. Anything a man can do to ease stress levels on top of adopting a healthy varied diet is likely to get his sex life back on track.

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