Is it OK to Have 6 (Six) Medifast Meals and a No Lean and Green Meal?

I get a lot of questions about Medifast’s “lean and green meal.”  This is the one larger main meal that the company wants you to prepare yourself so that you’re getting fresh foods and the nutrients that your body needs. Yes, the prepackaged Medifast meals are fortified and are full of vitamins and minerals, but fresh foods are always going to be optimal.  People want to know if they can skip this meal or if they can substitute one of the prepackaged “Medifast meals” for the lean and green.  People have also asked if they can just use a frozen meal to satisfy this requirement, as they really like having their meals prepared for them.  I’ll address these concerns in the following article.

Why People Think About Skipping Or Replacing The Lean And Green Meal:  I get many reasons for this, but here are the most common. Sometimes, people think that they are saving calories or carbs if they just add in a sixth prepackaged meal.  Or, sometimes people really get used to not having to prepare their own meals and they find that they like this.  Having the work done for them helps them to not have to worry or think about food. Basically, they get into a groove where the diet is really clicking and working for them and they don’t want to disrupt this by having to consume a larger meal.

I understand both of these concerns as I had them myself.  But here is what I didn’t understand (but do now.)  The five prepackaged foods that you eat for the rest of the day are so low in calories (about 100 each for a total of 500) that you have plenty of lee way by the time you get to this main meal.  There is plenty of wiggle room to have a decent amount of protein (5 – 7 ounces) and some veggies.  There is no need to skimp.  You can still eat fresh foods and still be taking in a very low amount of calories.

Using A Frozen Meal Instead:  I also get people who want to use a frozen meal like Lean Cuisine or some other brand to meet this requirement.  The company states that this isn’t the best idea and I have to agree.  The whole idea is to get fresh foods.  And, there will come time when you will have lost all the weight that you need to and will then go on the transition or maintenance phase.  One way that you can set yourself up to be successful with this is to learn how to make good choices and how to prepare healthful meals.  You’re going to have to master this skill eventually so you may as well start now.

Honestly, the lean and green is not all that hard or inconvenient.  You can make it as simple as using an indoor grill, adding some lean meat and throwing in a bagged salad.  Or, you can get elaborate and take advantage of the huge amount of recipes that are out there.  There’s a lot of flexibility here but it’s important to understand why the requirement is there.  The company wants you to consume fresh foods and they want you to eventually learn how to prepare them so that you’ll keep the weight off long term.

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