Nutrition Traps – The Biggest Meal Of The Day!

Even good nutrition is not good enough! I often hear “we eat really healthy food.” Well that’s great but if your goal is fat loss you have to eat “really healthy fat loss food.” For muscle gain – eat “really healthy MUSCLE GAIN food.” Even good nutrition is not good enough!

What is your biggest meal of the day? Dinner! It is isn’t it!?!?! If you are a fat loss devotee and that is the case you are shooting yourself in the foot. Our healthy nutrition principles say “Eat for what you are about to do, not for what you have just done. Think about the next 3 hours”. Think about what you do after dinner? Sit on your bum? Go to sleep? Kiss? Dinner should be one of the lightest meals of the day and not THE BIGGEST MEAL OF THE DAY! That is a socially convenient tradition, not a fat loss nutrition practice.

The biggest meal of the day should be breakfast, next biggest lunch and one of your smaller meals should be dinner. It just makes sense that we eat to provide our bodies with energy for what we are going to be doing. If you know you are going to be active – eat a little more healthy nutritious food. If you are less active – eat less. Even if you have had the most active day and really feel that you need to replenish – just eat high nutrient – low calorie foods (lean meats and low calories fruit and vegetables).

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