Organic Foods For Better Health and Weight Loss

Organic food is food that has been grown or reared in absolutely natural conditions. There are no additions of fertilizers, plant aids, insecticides or even hormones and antibiotics that seem a must in the dairy industry. Such food or meat would therefore contain the residue of these artificial substances, quite a lot of them being carcinogenic and therefore detrimental to our health. The use of these fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, hormones and others is more to increase the production of the plant growth or livestock and has no connection with any health benefits to you as a consumer. The idea is mainly to reduce costs and increase profits, all without any thought of the consumer.

Eating organic food can therefore let your body avoid all the toxins that such treated foods contain and therefore be on the road to better health. Organic food is much tastier and provides better nourishment as all the goodness in these foods is immediately available to your system without the intervention of any other detrimental additions.

The one disadvantage of organic food, is that as the economic aspect of increasing the production or weight of the concerned food item is ignored, the food is a little costlier. While this may not break you, the extra cost especially in larger households is a big constraint for it being added to the diets of most families. The low acreages and facilities also available for such produce is also one of the reasons for the high cost. It is only constant awareness of these organic foods that can increase their demand. This in turn would increase their production and hopefully lead to reduced costs.

Organic food is more prevalent in the poor undeveloped countries, but this is more because the average farmer of food or dairy products is not rich enough to purchase the various inputs of fertilizer, insecticides, hormones, antibiotics and other artificial additions. This in turn causes lower productivity which in turn perpetuates the economic condition of the farmer and his ability to raise his production levels.

Meat from cattle brought up in the organic way is much tastier and easily digested. Cattle on such farms live almost twice as long as those brought up in controlled farms. One of the reasons for this is that the cattle graze on pastures and the constant movement and having to look for fresh forage, keeps the cattle much healthier than those cattle which have to spend almost their entire life cycle tied up in a barn.

The best organic foods to eat are fruits and vegetables. The difference in taste is immediately apparent and quite a number of converts to organic food are those that have tasted such fruits and vegetables and have found the difference. It has been scientifically proved that regular consumers of organic food have much lower toxin levels in their body and would therefore will not allow a build up of toxins that can lead to a whole host of diseases.

A number of bodies have come up which will certify that the food you have bought is organic. These agencies will trace the entire route of the produce right form the seed stage to all the inputs that go in towards their production. This would even include any meal or food given to cattle during their rearing.
For best organic health it is recommended that a person consume at least twelve servings of fruits and vegetables that have been grown the organic way. Eat chicken that has been reared on an organic farm. Make sure that the products you buy form supermarkets selling organic food have been certified by credible authorities. You will find your health improving almost overnight.

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