The Olive Chicken Recipe That Restored My Faith in Cooking

I like my home-cooked meals to be simple: baked chicken breast with herbes de Provence scattered on top, an uncomplicated pasta pomodoro, a roasted cod drenched in salt, lemon, olive oil and some pepper. The fewer the ingredients, the more appealing the recipe. 

Don’t get me wrong: My palate appreciates a decadently prepared dish bursting with flavors and aromas. But when I’m the chef, I’m perennially drawn to recipes that leave no room for mistakes and require minimal time — in terms of both preparation and post-meal cleanup. At home, ingredients should be used at their most elemental, without having to resort to an endless rack of additives.

Chanie Apfelbaum's olive chicken. (Photo: Chanie Apfelbaum)
Chanie Apfelbaum’s olive chicken. (Photo: Chanie Apfelbaum)

In contrast, my husband Perry believes that each meal should be an experience, a chance to try something new. He loves his food to be flamboyant and flavorfully eclectic, drowning in spices, sauces and all-around

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