Chef Michael Symon offers tips on home tailgating, BBQ and Browns

As a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns, celebrity Michael Symon is well-versed in the idea of comfort food. After all, the Browns haven’t given their fans a whole lot of reasons to celebrate since, well, the 1980s.

But Symon isn’t planning on abandoning his beloved team anytime soon — even after last year’s false-hope season.

“Been a fan as long as I can remember, born and raised Clevelander,” Symon, 50, told Yahoo Sports. “I’m always optimistic.”

Symon has built a food empire and can be seen regularly on Food Network (check out “Symon’s Dinners Cooking Out” at 12:30 p.m. ET on Sundays), and he previously had a long run as co-host on ABC’s “The Chew.” He also oversees 12 restaurants — half in the Cleveland area, including the incredible Mabel’s BBQ downtown — that bear his name and serve his food.

This means Symon is a very busy

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College athletes get cooking classes, grocery tips

Nevada offensive lineman Nate Brown is doing his best to eat right, like many football players and other college athletes scattered around the country without access to training facilities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 6-foot-4, 300-pound rising senior has stumbled a few times in college sports’ version of Weight Watchers, with no in-person classes or spring practices.

“Maybe I would get Taco Bell because I do like Taco Bell,” Brown said. “Or maybe I’ll have ice cream later at night. … The meals that are maybe not super-nutritious, I’ve been trying to keep that to one a day.”

Athletes have been displaced from facilities with well-stocked training tables and easy access to healthy snacks and protein shakes. Some are home with family members, while others are largely on their own in off-campus residences.

To help them, schools have provided care packages, grocery tips, recipes and even cooking demonstrations on social

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How to keep bananas fresh longer and more food preservation tips

Now more than ever, people are purchasing canned or frozen food products with longer shelf lives to cut down on trips to the store. But there are plenty of ways to extend the lives of our groceries and make the most of our shopping budget from the comfort of our very own kitchens.

Chef and TV host Elena Besser is a pro when it comes to stretching the shelf life of her favorite fruits, veggies and herbs. She has tips on how to slow down ripening, flash-freeze healthy produce, triple the longevity of springtime alliums, savor every last bit of those jarred goods and turn nuts into milk and butter.

Place plastic wrap around banana stems to prevent overripening. (Elena Besser)
Place plastic wrap around banana stems to prevent overripening. (Elena Besser)

How to make foods last longer

  • Bananas: To prevent over-ripening, place plastic wrap around the stems that hold your banana bunch together. Ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening

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