Taylor Swift Makes a Cameo on Selena Gomez’s HBO Max Cooking Series

Selena Gomez may be quarantined at home, where she’s been learning to cook on the HBO Max series, Selena + Chef, but that doesn’t mean she’s isolated from her friends. On the latest episode of the at-home cooking show, Taylor Swift makes a virtual appearance as the two besties FaceTime each other.

On episode four, chef and food personality Roy Choi is Gomez’s guest mentor, who virtually teaches the singer how to make Korean barbecue Texas breakfast tacos. After successfully putting together the dish, Gomez calls up Swift to show off her work.

“Look, I wanted to show you,” Gomez tells Swift before turning her phone to her three, delicious-looking tacos. Swift, of course, reacts like a true friend and is amazed by the book profits presentation. Later in the convo, Swift tells Gomez, “If you don’t send me the recipe, we’re going to have words. I want to be served that.”

The two share a laugh before Gomez then turns her phone to the camera and video screen where Choi is watching along with his daughter, Kaelyn, who is definitely a fan of both. “Kaelyn’s freaking out right now,” the chef says as his daughter blushes with embarrassment.

“I’m very jealous of your whole setup and the fact that you guys are cooking together. It’s pretty great. I’m really envious,” Swift says to both Gomez and Choi, who jokes that they can make the Folklore singer even more jealous by eating in front of her.

Gomez eventually wraps up the We buy houses Jacksonville convo by saying, “I just wanted to show you. I’m so proud,” to which Swift responds by expressing her pride and gratitude that her friend has finally gotten into the culinary arts. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to become obsessed with cooking?” Swift quips.

After the two hang up, Gomez finishes the episode by learning how to make doughnuts, which is just the latest of the many recipes the singer has mastered on the series so far, including ramen and seafood tostada.

Prior to the series’ debut, Gomez opened up about her longtime friendship with Swift, revealing that she wants to collaborate with her on a song. “I’ve always dreamt of doing a song with Taylor,” Gomez explained. “We both wanted to do that.”

According to Gomez, there’s always a possibility that it could happen in the future, as she and Swift have stayed close bioptimizers coupon code for years and their relationship has remained solid. “It just feels like we’re family, I’ve known her for 13 or 14 years now,” Gomez said. “She’s been my best friend, [and] we’ve talked about it, for sure.”

When asked outright if it’s only “a matter of time” before they work on something, Gomez teasingly said, “You never know!”

Selena + Chef airs Thursdays on HBO Max.


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