What’s on the Bajan Menu?

The Caribbean islands are known for its luscious vegetation and marine life, nature has blessed these islands with the best ingredients for gourmet cooking. Each island has a unique set of food to be proud off. Barbados has a buffet of exotic fruits, drinks and other food that surely each visitor will not forget upon tasting them. When you are staying at a Barbados small hotel, you can ask locals which restaurants offer affordable but tasty meals. There are many local restaurants there which offer something for everyone to enjoy. Before you start food tripping on the country let me show you what Bajan food to see in the menu.

Breeding pigs for their meat is one of the local’s sources of income, these pigs are well fed and their meat is succulent and quite delicious. Among the pork dishes you should expect to see in restaurants are: baked ham, stewed down pork chops, roast pork with diamonds of crackling and other dishes. One of the pork dishes you should try is Pudding and souse. It is made of pig intestines stuffed with sweet potatoes; the souse is boiled down trotters and pig head. It is one of the island’s main dishes.

There are many chicken meals on the island, you can have stewed, barbequed, stuffed with Bajan seasoning then fried. Usually restaurants and bistros serve baked chicken served with Eclipse crackers.

The tropical island is blessed with seafood. Snapper, bill fish, chubb, barracuda, king fish, yellow fin tuna and dolphin fish or “Mahi mahi” are some of the fish you should encounter on menu. In the street you will find cod fish cakes, these deep fried fish balls is one of the islands’ delicacies. It is made of cod fish imported Maritime Provinces of Canada, and then it is blended with herbs and salt. Another tourist favorite is flying fish cutter; it is deep fried flying fish fillet sandwich. It is Ideal for a heavy lunch or afternoon snack. Bajan Macaroni pie is a tummy filling meal; it is Barbados’ version of Macaroni and Cheese. This dish is often served with fillet flying fish, mahi mahi or blue marlin.

After all the eating you need something to wash the whole succulent savory dishes down. This tropical country is also known for its cocktails and exotic drinks. “Falernum” is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks; it is a mixture of rum, sugar, lime and almond essence. For non alcoholic drinks, “Mauby” is a good choice. It is prepared by boiling a local bark and strained then sweetened. It tastes like a very potent sarsaparilla.

The best way to end a fine meal is to end with a dessert; you can choose from many of the local bajan candies as your meal ender. You can choose from guava cheese, peanut brittle and Tamarind balls. You can try the Bajan candied sweet potatoes if there is still room in your stomach for something heavy. This dessert is sometimes served mashed topped with sweet pineapple and Bajan cherries.

If you are looking for a good place to have a vacation and have a wonderful feast, this country is perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a flight already and book for a Barbados small hotel and get ready to have some awesome time in this Caribbean country.

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