With quarantine winding down, Miami is hunting for any kind of entertainment. Like, any

How desperate are we to break out of quarantine mode? Pretty.

We have seen all of Netflix. Streamed all the Instagram lives. Cooked all the food.

We. Are. Bored.

Even as Miami starts to slowly open up, we plan to be vigilant about our comings and goings and to continue to act like everyone on the streets is an asymptomatic superspreader with a wet sneeze in the chamber.

But the monotony of quarantine is enough to drive us bananas and we need something to do. So now, we have turned to things we never would have contemplated doing In the pre-rona era to keep ourselves entertained.

Purging our homes

Miami successfully Marie Kondo-ed the entire house during the first few weeks of quarantine, because what else was there to do? Talk to your children?

Waiting in line at Ross/Marshalls/Home Goods

The lines to pay at these discount stores have always been epic. But now the lines just to get in to these tchotchke temples have us waiting outside in the baking sun with the rest of the masked masses. But wait, didn’t we just purge our homes?

Drive in movies

Yes, we went to Carflix Cinema at Dezerland Park last weekend and sat through the action adventure movie about an alien hedgehog being chased by a mad scientist. Did we complain about it? Not a peep. Because we were OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Waiting in line at Robert is Here

The lines to snatch up those fresh, fruitilicious smoothies were always long with good reason, but now trekking out there to get them in a pandemic will just keep you away from the remote that much longer. Plus look out the window at all the nature you missed.


It’s full of rust, dust and has two flat tires. But that old bike in your garage is your ticket to freedom.

Eating in the street

To spread people out in tight spaces, many restaurants are moving tables into the parking lot and streets outside. You will comply, because it means that you are not cooking.

Partying from your car

Cars continue to be a great protector against germs if you do venture out. So just accept all the invites to the drive-by parties or your fun neighbor’s happy hours. Linger as long as you want; there’s metal between you.

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