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Murphy takes passion on the road with ‘Taco and Friends’ food truck

While his main job is in construction, Aaron Murphy of Ironton, always wanted to be in the food game. So about six weeks ago, he made the jump into the field of food trucks with one called “Taco and Friends.”

“Food has always been my passion,” he said. “And as far as overhead, a truck is the easiest way to get in there and test your product out.”

And since he works another job, he can take the food truck out on the weekends and for special events “to pursue my passion and make my dreams come true.”

And why tacos?

“I love tacos,” Murphy said. “And it is really hard to be unhappy when you’re eating a taco and there is nothing better than eating food with friends.”

The name “Taco and Friends” was chosen to honor his family’s history in the food business.

“My great-uncle, Bob Murphy, owns a restaurant in Lewisburg, West Virginia, called ‘Food and Friends,’” he said. “So, when I wanted to sell tacos, it was a real tip of the hat to call it ‘Taco and Friends.’”

Murphy has been setting up every Saturday in Coal Grove at the Grove Nursery on Marion Pike and recently at the Lawrence County Fair.

“We’re getting out there, trying to get people to try our food,” Murphy said. “It’s really good, quality food. We hand make everything on the truck.”

He said the significant difference between his tacos and other place’s tacos is in how the food is prepared.

“We cook the chicken in a really good adobo sauce,” he said. “My toppings are all handmade. I do a red taco slaw and I have corn mango salsa that is completely unique to this truck. We also do a pico de gallo, because everyone loves pico de gallo. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

Besides tacos, the menu includes loaded nachos and quesadillas. The choice of meats is chicken or pork.

“The quesadillas are very popular,” he said.

Murphy plans to continue setting up in Coal Grove even as the season change.

“This is going to be our spot until it gets cold,” he said. “And then when it gets cold, I’m thinking about doing a winter menu of soups.”

Taco and Friends” can be found on Facebook at

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