In case you’re tired of baking banana bread… here’s what everyone is cooking these days.

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Quarantine has proven the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner chef, but you’ll eventually tire of making banana bread and whipped coffee. You’ll start combing the web for something, anything other than Instagram’s latest cooking trend. Luckily, Google’s got you more than covered in the timely culinary inspiration department. 

The search giant said search interest around the word “recipe” has reached an all-time high in recent weeks, so it compiled a list revealing the top recipe in each state (and Washington, DC) based on search data over a 30-day period ending April 29. And while banana bread has held the no. 1 spot for the past 30 days (surprise, surprise), Google is showcasing the most “uniquely searched recipes,” meaning what those states are looking for more than the rest of the country.

“As people around the world are staying home and taking to their kitchens to experiment and keep busy, Google has released trending recipe data across each State, the US and Worldwide,” a spokesperson for Google told Thrillist. “In fact, Search interest in ‘recipe’ has reached an all-time high in the United States and Worldwide, from 2004 to now.” 

Here are the top uniquely searched recipes by state: 

  • Alabama — chicken salad recipe

  • Alaska — cinnamon rolls recipe

  • Arizona — lemonade recipe

  • Arkansas — hamburger meat recipe

  • California — snickerdoodle recipe

  • Colorado — egg salad recipe

  • Connecticut — salmon recipe

  • Delaware — salmon recipe

  • Washington, DC — margarita recipe

  • Florida — zucchini recipe

  • Georgia — baked chicken recipe

  • Hawaii — shoyu chicken recipe

  • Idaho — cinnamon roll recipe

  • Illinois — pork tenderloin recipe

  • Indiana — hamburger recipe

  • Iowa — hamburger recipe

  • Kansas — hamburger recipe

  • Kentucky — hamburger recipe

  • Louisiana — crawfish etouffee recipe

  • Maine — bread recipe

  • Maryland — salmon recipe

  • Massachusetts — bread recipe

  • Michigan — hamburger recipe

  • Minnesota — bread recipe

  • Mississippi — cornbread recipe

  • Missouri — hamburger recipe

  • Montana — cinnamon roll recipe

  • Nebraska —  hamburger recipe

  • Nevada — pork loin recipe

  • New Hampshire — bread recipe

  • New Jersey — salmon recipe

  • New Mexico — tortilla recipe

  • New York — charoset recipe

  • North Carolina — pound cake recipe

  • North Dakota — sloppy joe recipe

  • Ohio — hamburger recipe

  • Oklahoma — hamburger meat recipe

  • Oregon — cinnamon roll recipe

  • Pennsylvania — egg salad recipe

  • Rhode Island — chicken parmesan recipe

  • South Carolina — pound cake recipe

  • South Dakota — bread recipe

  • Tennessee — baked chicken recipe

  • Texas — hamburger meat recipe

  • Utah — crepe recipe

  • Vermont — pancake recipe

  • Virginia — banana pudding recipe

  • Washington — sourdough bread recipe

  • West Virginia — hamburger recipe

  • Wisconsin — ham recipe

  • Wyoming — sourdough recipe

Washington and Wyoming are certainly on the cutting edge, huh? 

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