At-Home Food Consumption is Likely to Keep Growing: 5 Picks

Over the past few days, a number of states have been stalling plans to reopen the economy as coronavirus infection cases are surging by the day. Moreover, with no effective vaccine in place, the world has plunged into a great deal of uncertainty. These factors are compelling people to dine at home in order to maintain social distancing.

Working from home and having home-cooked meals have now become the “new normal” amid the coronavirus outbreak. As a precautionary measure, people are avoiding dining out or ordering in. Apart from being a safer option, people are finding home-cooked meals way less expensive than outside food. Moreover, staying indoors has helped individuals discover new sides to them, prompting the development of varied interests. Naturally, people are indulging in activities like cooking, home styling and other household chores along with work and online entertainment.

In fact, people who have rarely cooked at home

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Our picks for best cooking games

While you don’t see in-depth cooking features in games too often, it’s oddly satisfying when the mechanic does make an appearance. There are even dedicated cooking games that throw action and adventure out the window, in favor of a realistic experience in which you must gather materials for your next recipe. That got us thinking — which games make cooking the most fun? No, you don’t actually get to taste your virtual dishes, but making a meal in games can hit the spot all the same. Here are our picks for the best cooking games, ranging from straightforward cooking sims to engaging distractions in RPGs and action games.


The first thing you think of when discussing Minecraft is probably not its cooking features, but the wildly popular sandbox game absolutely has a place on this list. Not only do you have to mix together the right ingredients for specific

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