The North American Bison May Be the Healthiest Red Meat

The North American Bison is a very lean meat compared to most other animal meats which include chicken and turkey. It also has a very high amount of the much needed vitamin B12 nutrient.

The Many Health Benefits of Bison Meat

  • High in protein and amino acids
  • Great source of blood building iron and B12
  • Loaded with all sorts of B vitamins
  • Source of minerals such as magnesium, copper, and zinc
  • Very high in the mineral selenium
  • Not known for causing allergic reactions
  • E-coli does not really pose a problem with pasture raised bison
  • Excellent Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio
  • Great source of CLA beneficial fatty acids
  • Is considered low in cholesterol compared to chicken, beef, and pork
  • Has a lower fat content compared to grain-fed beef, pork, most fish, and chicken
  • Lower in calories than grain-fed beef, chicken, and pork

The North American Bison is a Great Vitamin B12 Food

Vitamin B12 is essential to your neurological well being and also for the formation of your red blood cells. Another name for vitamin B12 is cobalamin and its a very important vitamin.

Anemia is a sure way to tell if you are deficient in vitamin B12 and this will affect how your DNA will be able to replicate.

Permanent brain and central nervous system damage is what can happen to those that become deficient in this vitamin. Animal foods are the only foods that contain usable vitamin B12 and you will be at great risk of deficiency by eliminating all animal foods from your diet.

Meat is a important vitamin b12 food. When looking for one of the best meat sources of vitamin b12, bison is a very good choice indeed.

How to Properly Cook Bison

This meat has a dark color and is a sweet tasting meat very similar to grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef and bison meat are much less fatty than grain-fed beef.

These meats need to be cooked at shorter cooking times and at lower temperatures because they lack the marbling that is found in fattier cuts of beef like grain-fed beef.

Strive for rare to medium rare or you will end up with a piece of meat that is too dry and lacks juiciness.

Cooking bison in a crock pot with a liquid may be a good choice for retaining moisture, as long as you do not overcook and watch your cooking time.

Bison are very independent animals and are usually left to live out their lives on grass. These animals usually escape the drugs, hormones, and chemicals most factory animals receive.

Now that the North American Bison are making a strong comeback after almost becoming extinct, we can all experience the wonderful strength that these powerful animals once gave to native tribes.

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