4 Unique Ways to Use a Clay Pot for Cooking

Clay pots are one of the typically under-appreciated cooking accessories.

Yes they do look nice, but most folks who buy clay pots don’t know how else to use them outside of their intended purpose. The truth is that there are some really unique ways you can use a clay pot to serve your friends and family some real awesome food.

You don’t have to be a two or three-star Michelin chef with an ego the size of Australia, you just need some incredible recipes that are worth bragging about.

Today I’ll show you four awesome ways to put your clay pot cooking skills to good use!

1. Casseroles

This is one of the best made-up words I’ve ever heard. Honestly, I think it should be in the dictionary…

Casseroles in clay pots are what you get when you take some delicious casserole ingredients and bake them up to perfection with just a touch of that claypot flavor. It’s simple enough for everyday cooking but elegant enough for any dinner party, and it works with just about anything — meat, vegetables, or even pasta!

2. Stews

Another made-up word is something I actually know a lot about: stews

Stews in clay pots are delicious and hearty and perfect for those cold winter nights where your belly just wants some good old comfort food. Just throw some meat and vegetables into your claypot with a bit of liquid, turn on the heat, and before you know it you’ll have something truly special to share with your loved ones.

3. Baked Potatoes

Yes hot baked potatoes are really best served in a clay pot! It’s so simple and so delicious: just scrub those spuds, put them in your favorite pot, cover with some salt and pepper, maybe a bit of onion if you’re feeling wild, and cook until they’re nice and fluffy. If baking doesn’t do it for you then try out boiling as well!

4. Soup

This one is an all-time classic.

Soup in claypots is the perfect way to serve some hot soup on a cold day, or make it for lunch before an afternoon hike. You’ll need meat, veggies, water or broth, and maybe some spices to pull it off. It’s easy, delicious, and surprisingly healthy!

Let’s recap what you can use these pots for:

1. Casseroles

2. Stews

3. Baked Potatoes

4. Soup

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ll use a clay pot for all four. Some claypots cooking is simply too good to share!

Well that just about wraps up everything I wanted to say. I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you learn some new tricks in the kitchen.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.

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