Food Insider says Whataburger is the In-N-Out of Texas


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There are some people who would disagree that Whataburger is the In-N-Out of Texas.

There are some people who would disagree that Whataburger is the In-N-Out of Texas.

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The great burger debate continues. Who’s better, Whataburger or In-N-Out? Food Insider’s chief video correspondent gave Whataburger four and a half out of five stars but couldn’t bring himself to make a decision in the heated debate.

Graham Flanagan with Food Insider stopped at a Whataburger in New Mexico and posted a video to Twitter on Sunday, March 13, trying out a Double Whataburger with cheese, fries, spicy ketchup, and a chocolate milkshake. 

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The verdict, of course, is not bad. Flanagan says the burger is “very heavy” but says its very good. He then goes on to compare the Whataburger to a Whopper from Burger King. Yikes. 

“I really wish we had a Whataburger in New York,” Flanagan says in the video. Whataburger, are you listening?

He says the fries are similar to McDonald’s fries, which is a fair comparison. He says the spicy ketchup has a kick to it, and puts spicy ketchup on his burger, calling it a “pro tip” to the sound of club airhorns

Food Insider’s tweet has the gall to say “Whataburger is the In-N-Out of Texas,” but does Flanagan say whether he would go with Whataburger over the California-based burger chain?

“Too close to call,” he says. 

It’s not. 

Flanagan does say that hopes the brand continues to expand. Don’t worry. It will


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