Catering Equipment to Keep Food Warm

We are entering a season where the chill in the air can be felt. For restaurants that means the cool air affects the customers who come to visit. The cool air has an influence on your restaurant in the obvious way by making the whole room colder and in a non-obvious way by cooling down the food dishes much quicker. Meals that are prepared lose their heat fairly quickly due to the cooler air so by the time it gets to your customer it would have lost some of the heat already. Therefore, it is time to consider catering equipment that is designed to keep foods warm.

Bain Marines are ideal for buffet set ups where guests are allowed to dish the food themselves. They are quite effective because they can keep food warm for a long period until it is dished. There’s nothing like a warm meal to keep the body warm.

Food Warming Cabinets are mobile units that can hold up to 22 trays. The twin circulating fans rotate the warm air throughout the cabinet and it is double insulated to keep food warm after it is turned off too.

Heated Display Cabinets are perfect for bakeries or cafés where you need to showcase pies or pastries to entice the customer. While on display the pies and pastries remain warm and ready to serve.

Hot Food Bars are similar to Heated Display Cabinets in that they display the contents in an enticing manner. The difference, though, is that Hot Food Bars contain trays that can be filled with cooked vegetables or meats which are ready to be served.

Plate Warmers ensure that cold plates are heated in order to keep the plated food warmer for longer. When the food is dished onto the plate, the heated plate will act as a warming base.

Cup Warmers are also an ideal way to keep drinks heated. When you pour coffee into a cold cup the coffee will cool down much quicker. A warm cup will keep the contents heated for longer while you enjoy the drink.

Urns are ideal for caterers who require boiling water constantly at hand for the serving of tea or coffee. The water is boiled at regular intervals to retain a consistent temperature.

In the cooler months, it is worth considering catering equipment that will keep food warm. This will keep your customers toasty and happy.

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