With quarantine winding down, Miami is hunting for any kind of entertainment. Like, any

How desperate are we to break out of quarantine mode? Pretty.

We have seen all of Netflix. Streamed all the Instagram lives. Cooked all the food.

We. Are. Bored.

Even as Miami starts to slowly open up, we plan to be vigilant about our comings and goings and to continue to act like everyone on the streets is an asymptomatic superspreader with a wet sneeze in the chamber.

But the monotony of quarantine is enough to drive us bananas and we need something to do. So now, we have turned to things we never would have contemplated doing In the pre-rona era to keep ourselves entertained.

Purging our homes

Miami successfully Marie Kondo-ed the entire house during the first few weeks of quarantine, because what else was there to do? Talk to your children?

Waiting in line at Ross/Marshalls/Home Goods

The lines to pay at these discount stores have always

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Jennifer Lawrence Talks Quarantine Drinking Habits With Amy Schumer

Jennifer Lawrence is just like Us! The Passengers star shared her drinking habits while quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic on a recent episode of Amy Schumer Learns to Cook — and they are refreshingly relatable.

At the start of the third episode of the quarantine cooking show, Schumer, 38, was with her husband Chris Fischer and poured herself a glass of wine. She then decided to give Lawrence, 29, a call to get her thoughts on different vino varieties. “We’re drinking chardonnay because, as you know, I like an oaky chard,” the Trainwreck star told the Oscar winner via phone. “What kind of wine do you like? I don’t remember because I’m a bad friend.”

“Sauvignon blanc,” Lawrence replied. “I mean, [that’s] if I’m drinking white, which I think is mainly for sluts,” she joked.

“How dare you,” Schumer

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‘I’m Cooking Up A Storm In Quarantine’: Why We’re All Baking

NORTH FORK, NY — One of the universal truths to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic is that, along with the ever-elusive rolls of toilet paper, yeast is harder to find than a winning lottery ticket.

For so many who’ve been holed up in quarantine, cooking — and especially baking — has meant either a return to the comforting recipes of childhood or a foray into a whole new world of culinary creativity. Baking bread from scratch, a long-ago tradition, is suddenly a focus, along with Zoom cocktail parties, Netflix binges, and morning gatherings around the TV to listen to New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo discuss coronavirus strategies, and yes, the meatballs and sauce of his childhood Sundays.

Food. It’s become a central character in the coronavirus saga of so many families. And now, East End readers have shared their stories and photos with Patch, about the recipes and reasons

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