‘Get that off the stove’

A college student is sparking a wave of confusion online after sharing their roommate’s “horrendous” first attempt at preparing a homemade meal.

The confounding cooking attempt, which has drawn nearly 150,000 views and hundreds of shocked comments, was shared on TikTok by a user named alexiscy. In the clip, the TikToker records their unnamed roommate manning the stove, attempting to cook dinner for himself and his girlfriend.

“Pray for my roommate, he’s never cooked before,” the video’s caption reads.

There are several confounding details in the video, but chief among them might be the fact that the roommate is apparently trying to sauté a whole, uncut onion in their skillet. Additionally, they seemingly have full shallots and garlic cloves — both unpeeled — just sitting in the same pan.

“Excuse me sir, is that a whole a** onion being cooked? Oh my god,” the TikToker says to their roommate in the clip.

The video immediately spurned several outlandish comments, with several users questioning how someone — even a first-timer — could possibly be so unknowledgeable about cooking.

“How do people make it all the way to adulthood without an ounce of cooking skills…” one user wrote.

“Okay I can understand he’s never cooked before but has he ever eaten?” another asked.

“Get that off the stove,” another demanded.

Others pointed out further strange details in the man’s cooking setup, such as the fact that he seemed to be making rice in a skillet. He also had a can of what many called “cat food” sitting on his stovetop (the TikToker who posted the video later clarified that it was actually minced meat).

“The more I look at the screen the more i see wrong,” one commenter wrote.

Reactions to the original video were so strong that alexiscy later posted a follow-up video, which showed exactly how poorly their roommate’s meal turned out.

“In case you were wondering where all the garlic went,” the TikToker says in the second clip, revealing a pot of cooked rice full of still-unpeeled garlic.

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