Day: May 29, 2020

With quarantine winding down, Miami is hunting for any kind of entertainment. Like, any

How desperate are we to break out of quarantine mode? Pretty.

We have seen all of Netflix. Streamed all the Instagram lives. Cooked all the food.

We. Are. Bored.

Even as Miami starts to slowly open up, we plan to be vigilant about our comings and goings and to continue to act like everyone on the streets is an asymptomatic superspreader with a wet sneeze in the chamber.

But the monotony of quarantine is enough to drive us bananas and we need something to do. So now, we have turned to things we never would have contemplated doing In the pre-rona era to keep ourselves entertained.

Purging our homes

Miami successfully Marie Kondo-ed the entire house during the first few weeks of quarantine, because what else was there to do? Talk to your children?

Waiting in line at Ross/Marshalls/Home Goods

The lines to pay at these discount stores have always

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